October 22nd 2021
“Ready, Steady, Die! – that’s a cheery name,” said many people.

Well a few years back as we sank into the decadent surroundings of Loos American Bar in Vienna over a smoked martini and a bier, Morgan suggested we start a band. Sam was thinking along the same lines and a few names got thrown into the ring.

We landed on Ready, Steady, Die! – not from a gloomy ‘life’s shit and then you die’ kind of vibe – more from a ‘none of us are getting out of this alive so we may as well give it our best shot while we’re here’ sort of vibe.

ACCIDENTS is our sophomore album and will be released on Human Label in 2022.  It follows our debut album from 2020 titled PLEASURE RIDE
Never to shy away from important stuff, ACCIDENTS continues our quest to tackle a selection of tricky subjects set against Morgan’s cinematic electro indie, dark wave, pop noir music backdrop.  We’re pretty excited about you hearing the mix of material we have here. We decided to hand pick a selection of our closest supporters and music lovers to help us decide on the top three singles, which will also include videos.  So, a special thanks goes to, Mary, Tony V, Steven, Fuzz, Nickie, Pete, Stu, Darija, Tony R, Frankie, Emma, Simon, Heather and James for your ears and your votes.

Settle is the first single from ACCIDENTS released on 21st October 2021. 
We felt that this was an important song to head up the album as it is primarily about domestic violence and October in the UK and US is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  As the lyricist for this song, I (Sam) felt I needed to be careful with the subject.  At times I wondered what gave me the right to write and sing about such a painful topic when I am in a loving supportive relationship. But domestic abuse does not just refer to abuse and violence within intimate relationships.  And abuse does not just mean physical damage. Domestic abuse is physical, mental, verbal, emotional, financial, and sexual.
Ironically, it was fitting that I felt like an imposter to talk about this subject when in fact I had endured decades of abuse from a manipulative, narcissistic, gaslighting and violent sibling, for which I am still in the throes of recovering from. I had a sudden realisation that many victims of abuse are so accustomed to being violated that it becomes somehow normal. There are too many women keeping quiet because they don’t want to cause a fuss or instigate further anger from their perpetrator. The roles need to be reversed.  The perpetrators need to be the ones who are scared as they are called out and held to account.  We need to give strength to our victims so that they feel safe to find a place to heal and recover.  Because whilst Settle is about the suffocation of an abusive relationship, it also delivers hope, as our protagonist breaks free from it.

We will be incorporating links to organisations such as Refuge Charity, Women’s Aid, NCADV and EVAW with helpline numbers and contacts within our social media activity as we promote this single. SETTLE

Take care all.
Sam & Morgan.

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